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Combat Infantryman and Combat Medic Badges
The Distinguished Service Cross. Established by order of The President, 2 Jan 1918. Awarded to members of the US
Army serving after 6 April 1917, who distinguished themselves by "Extraordinary heroism in connection with military
operations against an opposing armed force."

S/Sgt Jack M. Collette, B Company, 254th Infantry Regiment(Awarded Posthumously)

By direction of the President, the Distinguished Service Cross is awarded to STAFF SERGEANT JACK M. COLLETTE,
Company B, 254th Infantry Regiment for extraordinary heroism in action on 25 April 1945, near Leipheim, Germany. An
enemy force of company strength, bearing white flags advanced to within two hundred yards of Sergeant Collette's platoon
and then suddenly opened fire. As the order was given for his platoon to withdraw, Sergeant Collette voluntarily remained in
an exposed position to provide covering fire. With five comrades, he repeated his action when his unit failed to regain the
position from the numerically superior enemy. Deliberately exposing himself to accomplish his self-assigned mission, Sergeant
Collette was killed. His courageous actions and regard for his fellow soldiers, live as an inspiration to the men of his unit. Next
of kin: Mrs Roahno Collette (Mother) 410 chestnut, Grand Forks, North Dakota. (GO 574, 7th Army, 4 Oct 1945)

Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Tucker, Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 254th Infantry Regiment.

By direction of the President the Distinguished Service Cross is awarded to the following individual: ROBERT E.TUCKER,
019 938, Lieutenant Colonel (then Major), Infantry, Headquarters 1st Battalion, 254th Infantry Regiment, for extraordinary
heroism in action. On 23 January 1945, in the vicinity of Benwihr, France, the 1st Battalion attacked a strongly defended
enemy-held hill, under the command of Colonel Tucker. As the battalion was moving up under heavy artillery, mortar, machine
gun and rifle fire, the center company encountered an anti-personnel minefield and was pinned down. Colonel Tucker,
realizing the hopelessness of further advance acted quickly. With dauntless courage, he moved through anti-personnel mine
fields under intense enemy fire, from one company to another organizing and bringing the battalion under his personal control.
Through his cool, calm and deliberate action, Colonel Tucker was successful in reorganizing his battalion and continuing the
attack which resulted in the capture and occupation of the strongly fortified hill. Entered military service from Winthrop,
Massachusetts. (Authority GO 263 Hq 7th US Army, 24 June 1945.)

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