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The following units were attached to the 63rd Infantry Division during the periods indicated. Members of these Inf
Div Assn" to the right of this paragraph).

436th AAA AW Bn Mobile------------ 11 Feb-1 May 45.
353d AAA SL Bn, 1st Plat, Btry C- 16 Feb-30 Apr 45
749th Tank Bn, Co A----------------2 Mar-4 Mar 45
43d Tank Bn, Co C (12th Armd Div)--9 Mar-12 Mar 45
70th Tank Bn-----------------------12 Mar-18 Mar 45
740th Tank Bn----------------------17 Mar-28 Mar 45
Combat Command A 6th Armd Div--19 Mar-20 Mar 45. Consisting of the following units *15th Tank Bn--*9th
Armd Inf Bn--*212th Armd FA Bn--*86th Cav Recon Sq, Trp A--*25th Armd Engr Bn, Co B.
753d Tank Bn--31 Mar-28 May 45
92d Cav Recon Sq (12th Armd Div)---15 Mar-16 Mar 45
116th Cav Recon Sq-----------------15 Mar-20 Mar 45
101st Cav Recon Sq------------------17 Mar-20 Mar 45
117th Cav Recon Sq----------------- 2 Apr-19 Apr 45
99th Chem Mortar Bn Co A-----------22 Feb-22 Mar 45
99th Chem Mortar Bn(-Co C)---------17 Mar-21 Mar 45
83d Chem Mortar Bn, Co A-----------31 Mar-19 Apr 45
99th Chem Mortar Bn (-Co B)--------19 Apr-28 May 45
256th Engr Combat Bn---------------14Mar-20 Mar 45
6638th Mine Clearing Platoon-------14 Mar-20 Mar 45
1271st Engr Combat Bn--------------29 Mar-14 Apr 45
2827th Engr Combat Bn--------------12 Apr-18 Apr 45
286th Engr Combat Bn---------------18 Apr-27 Apr 45
18th FA Bn (105 How)---------------13 Mar-21 Mar 45
522d FA Bn (105 How)---------------13 Mar-22 Mar 45
93d Armd FA Bn- 21-24 Mar 45
59th Armd FA Bn-------------------- 31 Mar-4 Apr 45
36th FA Group- 19 Apr-28 May 45
162d FA Bn (105 How)---------------8 May-28 May 45
65th Infantry (- Co A & C)---------30 Apr-12 May 45
822d TD Bn Self Prop---------------6 Feb-17 Mar 45
776th TD Bn Self Prop--------------16 Mar-21 Mar 45
822d TD Bn Self prop--------------- 21 Mar-28 May 45
692d TD Bn self prop---------------30 Mar-31 Mar 45
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