Camp Shanks, New York-
Gateway to combat
Camp Shanks, New York is well known by all members of the 63rd Infantry Division who
went to Europe with the division.  It was in this camp that we made our final preparations for
movement to Europe and combat.

It seems only proper that we devote a small segment of the 63rd Infantry Division history to
our point of debarkation for what would be the final time many of us would ever set foot on
the soil of the United States of America. So here is a little bit about the history of Camp Shanks
and some pictures that may well bring back memories to all 63rd Infantry Division veterans.
The following information was obtained from the Skylighters web site at the following
Camp Shanks, New York
Monument at Camp Shanks NY
Monument at Camp Shanks, NY honoring all US Military
Personnel who passed through her gates during WWII.
Aerial view of Camp Shanks, NY
Camp Shanks Poster
Aerial view of Camp Shanks billeting area
Poster listing the seventeen (17) divisions that
passed through the camp on the way to battle in
Europe WWII
Pier 88 used to load troops- NY
View of the Weehawken Ferry pier
Weehawken Ferry pier used to transport troops
to loading piers.
Pier 88 where troop ships tied up for loading
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