Division Organization and
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Division Organization:

253rd Infantry Regiment
254th Infantry Regiment
255th Infantry Regiment
718th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
861st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
862d Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
863rd Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm)
63rd Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
263rd Engineer Combat Battalion
363rd Medical Battalion
63rd Counter-Intelligence Detachment
763rd Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
63rd Quartermaster Company
563rd Signal Company
63rd Military Police Platoon
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 63rd Infantry Division
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 63rd Division Artillery
Headquarters Special Troops
63rd Infantry Division Band

Detachments- Division units attached to other units.

254th Inf to 3d Inf Div- 28 Dec 44-9 Feb 45
255th Inf to 100th Inf Div-- 31 Dec 44- 19 Jan 45
253rd Inf to 44th Inf Div--31 Dec 44 - 6 Feb 45
255th Inf to 44th Inf Div--19 Jan 45 - 6 Feb 45
254th Inf to 100th Inf Div--9 Feb - 17 Feb 45
63rd Div Arty to 45th Inf Div--24 Mar - 27 Mar 45
2d Bn, 254th Inf to 6th Army Group--31 Mar 45- 5 Apr 45
2d Bn, 253rd Inf to 35th AAA Brigade--16 Apr - 20 Apr 45
3d Infantry Division Insignia
100th Infntryf Division Insignia
44th Infantryf Division Insignia
45th Infantry Division Insignia
6th Army Group Insignia
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