63rd Infantry Division Insiginia
The 63d Infantry Division
Juke Box
Presented below is a collection of songs that will inspire, impress and
entertain you while you are reviewing the 63rd Infantry Division Web
Site.  Some are nostalgic- some are patriotic- some are happy- some
are sad- but all are designed to entertain you.
Make your selection and enjoy.
Ray Charles- "America the Beautiful"- 4th of July
at our Nation's Capitol
A beautiful rendition of "Taps" by a young lady
playing with Andre Rieu
Boogie Woogie to get your feet moving and your
heart beating.
50,000 Names by George Jones

Born Again American

Do-Re-Mi Dancers at Belgium Train Station

A Piano Duet by a well preserved couple
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To Tput photo
Although not specifically a song I
thought you might want to see George
Carlins outlook on life accompanied by
some beautiful images and soothing
George Carlin's Philosophy for
Old Age
The beauty of the images and word in
the following video is worth 6+ minutes
of your time.  Watch, listen and relax:
The beauty of our world.
17 Oct 13
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