254th Infantry Regiment and 63rd Infantry Division Challenge Coins
254th Infantry Regiment Coin
254th Inf Regt Crest
  US Army Side of 63d Div Coin                                  63d Inf Div side of 63d Inf Div Coin
     63d Inf Div side of 254th coin                                    254th Infantry side of 254th Inf Coin
The images shown are not actual size or color.  The actual size is 39mm or about 1 1/2 inches in
diameter.  Coins are 3mm thick, the edges are traditional ridged like a dime and each coin weighs
approximately 1 oz.  The finish for the 63rd Infantry Division coin  and the 254th Infantry Regiment coin
will be Antique Bronze.  

Costs per coin including shipping and a plastic protective capsule:

 1-5 coins:     $15 each
 6-10 coins:   $13 each
 11 or more:  $12 each.

Mail your orders to Fred Clinton 102 S. Jenkins Street, Alexandria, VA 22304.  Make checks payable
to Fred Clinton.   All monies received will go towards cost of the 63rd Infantry Division Website and
costs of the challenge coins, plastic capsules and postage.

At this time I am not in position to provide coins for the other organic units of the 63rd Infantry Division
because of the costs of the original dies which run around $600 plus and then the costs of the coins
which have to be ordered in quantities of 50 or more
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254th Inf Regt Crest
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63d Infantry Division Coin