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63rd Infantry Division
The award presentation shown on this page ,page 135 and many other pages on this site are examples of the awards that our 63rd Infantry Division veterans may be eligible for, even
70 years after the fact.  So, if you are a veteran or a family member of a veteran it wouldn't hurt to check with your Webmaster (Fred Clinton-    
joyclint@comcast.net) to see if you are
eligible for a well deserved award.  The Bronze Star Medal application process is explained at
www.63rdinfdiv.com/bulletinboardpage2.html and the French Legion of Honor award
application process is explained at
www.63rdinfdiv.com/LegionofHonorpage1.html.   If you can find the proper documentation to make the application, contact your webmaster for
S/Sgt Emmit Ray Kenney, E Company 253d Infantry Regiment-1945
The next few photos and Bio, pertain to Pfc Alf L. Crutchfield, I and M Companies, 254th Infantry Regiment.  Pfc Crutchfield's widow, Imogene,
contacted the Webmaster and Historian of the 63rd Infantry Division and found that Pfc Crutchfield qualified for the award of a Bronze Star
Medal for Meritorious Service based on his earning the Combat Infantryman Badge.  Mrs Crutchfield made the application and the results are
shown below.
The Crutchfield family at the awards presentation.
Mrs Imogene Crutchfield and Major General Asher at the
presentation ceremony for Pfc Crutchfield's Bronze Star Medal
Pfc Alf L. Crutchfield's Bronze Star Medal and Certificate
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On 6 November 2015, Pfc Amedeo Petrongolo, G Company, 253d Infantry Regiment was awarded the French Legion of Honor.  The following bio and photos relate to that
(Center)Pfc Amedeo Petrongolo, G Company, 253d Infantry Regiment after receiving the
French Legion of Honor
Pfc Amedeo Petrongolo, G Company, 253d Infantry Regiment
leaving the French Legion of Honor awards ceremony.
Pfc Gobel Curtis Grant, L and Hq Co 253d Infantry Regiment.  Taken in March 1999 at 84
years old.
M/Sgt Walter (Pop) W;. Gragert, D Company, 254th Infantry Regiment
(then S/Sgt).