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63rd Infantry Division
T/5 Rufus N. Atherton C/253rd Inf
T/5 Rufus N. Atherton C/253rd Inf
Rufus N. Atherton
T/5 Rufus N. Atherton C/253rd Infantry          T/5 Rufus N. Atherton C/253rd Infantry
1944                                                              In Germany 1945
Rufus N. Atherton- 1980 at
daughter's wedding
Thanks to Becky Cooper, Rufus'
daughter for these photos.  If you can
give Becky any information about her
father's wartime experiences you can
contact her at e-mail address:
Standwithfist2@aol.com or mailing
address: 1324 Jacobson Ave.
Ashland,OH 44805-1843
T/5 Craven and friends
T/5 Craven receives a Valentine Cake while his
buddies await their rewards.  T/5 Cravens is at
the far left.  Others are L-R Resnick,
Michaelson, Douglas, Needles, Smith,
Summers, Dickeman.  I have not been able to
identify their unit but I think it was the 363rd
Medical Bn.  Any one out there know which
unit these men were in?
I/255th Inf- Div Softball champs
1944 63rd Division Second-Half Softball
Champions.  Company I, 255th Infantry-
October 1944
KP Duty at Camp Van Dorn
KP duty at Camp Van Dorn.  One of these men
is identified as Paul Taubman of Hq, 63rd Div.
I don't know which one.  Any one know the
rest of this happy group?
GI Cheesecake
Well, this one should turn you on.  Pfc Herbert Arbitblit
of Hq Co 3d Bn, 255th took this Cheesecake photo of
his buddies also of Hq Co 3d Bn 255th Inf L-R:  Pfc
Hugh Short, Pvt Fred Koenig, Pfc John Castro, Pvt
Charles Gallihugh, Sgt Howard Dehner, Pfc Robert
Taylor and Pfc Harry Dunlap
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