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Issue Number 63                                     December 2017
All information in this Newsletter is developed by Fred Clinton, Webmaster, 63rd Infantry Division  and does not necessarily reflect the
views of other individuals and is in no way an Official Publication of the 63rd Infantry Division or 63rd Infantry Division Association.
Well it has been over a year since I last
published our Internet Newsletter, and what a
year it has been.  Last December 7, my
darling wife Joyce fell down our basement
steps and did fatal damage to her brain and
spinal cord.  I found her at the foot of the
stairs and she was unconscious, called EMT,
they arrive quickly but she never regained
consciousness and passed away on 12
December after her doctors determined that
there was nothing more they could do for her.
Needless to say I have been in somewhat of
a confused state ever since and still have not
come to grips with the loss of my soul mate.
For the rest of this newsletter I will try to come
up with more positive and happy subjects.

Availability of historical data
relating to the 63rd Infantry
The Historical items for sale in the
Memorabilia section of the web site are still
available for the most part.  Check what is
available at the following section of the 63rd
Infantry Division web site:

I also still have some 63rd Infantry Division
and 254th Infantry Regiment Challenge coins

Combat records and files
provided to other historical

I recently provided detailed information
relating to the Jagst River battles to a
German re-enactment group at their
request.  Let's hope that they realize who
won that battle.

Events of 73 years ago:

Seventy-Three years ago the three Infantry
Regiments of the division were on the high
seas heading for a landing at Marseilles
France on 8 December 1944.  That is hard to
imagine it was that long ago.  The division
would go on to make itself proud of the
combat successes it experienced during the
5 months after our landing..  Units of the
division earned and were awarded seven(7)
Presidential Unit Citations and a French Croix
de Guerre during their time in combat.
Historical Assistance for
Veterans and their families.

Requests for assistance with information
concerning the 63rd Infantry Division has
tapered off somewhat over the past year,
although most of what I have received has
been from relatives of veterans rather than
from the veterans.
This is understandable since all of our veterans
have to be over 90 years old.  I just turned 90
this year, but I entered service with the 63rd
Infantry Division at Camp Van Dorn, MS at the
age of 16.
I was able to obtain some awards for our
veterans despite significant obstacles placed in
my way by those that don't quite feel close to
WWII veterans, since that war was almost 76
years ago.
I will mention that with the correct application
and supporting documents the US Army Awards
Branch is still approving the award of the
Bronze Star Metal for Meritorious Service for
those of us who were awarded the Combat
Infantryman or the Combat Medical Badge
during WWII.  Details can be found on Page 2
of the Bulletin Board of the 63rd Infantry
Division website.  If you have questions relating
to this award or how to apply, please contact
me at
(Note:  Next of
kin can make application for this medal to
be awarded posthumously to the veteran)
Also I will mention that the French Government
is still making awards of the French Legion of
Honor to American Servicemen who had a hand
in liberating France.  Details for making
application for that award can be found at :
(Note:  If the veteran is deceased, next of
kin cannot make application for this award)
Historian's comments:
Recently, now that I am alone I began to look at
outside activities to keep me busy and to keep
my mind off of my loneliness and sorrow.
On 11 November 2017 I was asked to
participate in the Veteran's Day Memorial
ceremony at the National WWII Memorial in
Washington DC.  I accepted and was glad that I
did.  The ceremony was well attended and
although most of the WWII veterans in
attendance were either in wheel chairs or using
a cane, like I do, we stood proud and assisted
in laying a number of memorial wreaths at the
I have also been asked to attend to upcoming
memorial ceremony for Pearl Harbor day at the
National WWII Memorial.  I plan to attend this
ceremony also.
Looking to expend my outside interests I
recently joined the Alexandria, VA chapter of
the American Legion.  I hope to meet with a
number of WWII veterans who are also
members of that Chapter.  Of interest is that
immediately upon my joining, the Chapter
Adjutant came by my house and among other
things offered the services of the American
Legion to help me get around and make my life
easier.  I was impressed with that gesture.
Well I guess that is about all for this newsletter.  I will close by wishing all of you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  
If you get the chance during the holidays, take the time to hug a veteran and
thank them for their service to our country.  This also applies to the active
members of our military.  
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