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Issue Number 67                                    December 2020
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S/Sgt William L. Davis, Jr passed away on 27 July 2020. He was from the Youngstown,
Ohio area. He served in G Company, 254th Infantry Regiment. He was wounded in the
battle of Jebsheim on 28 January 1945 and transferred to the hospital in Nancy, France.
He returned to G Company on 14 March 1945, just in time to participate in the successful
attack on the Siegfried Line. He was promoted to Sergeant on 13 April 1945.  After VE
Day he was transferred to the Office of Military Government, United States (OMGUS) in

He was active in the IMOK chapter of the 63rd Infantry Division Association.

His daughter, Deborah Metzger, generously donated his photo collection for use on this
website. When I have finished posting selected photos on the website I will donate them to
one of the Army museums. There are already three of his photos on the website. You can
view them at

Occupation Photos Page 45
Miscellaneous Photos Page 85
Miscellaneous Photos Page 134

S/Sgt Davis earned the Purple Heart Medal, the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Bronze
Star Medal and numerous other awards.

As many of you know, Fred Clinton had a Facebook page about the 63rd Infantry
Division. I have received some inquiries about Fred's Facebook page, but it was removed
from Facebook when Fred passed away and I am unable to recover it. At the end of 2019
and the beginning of 2020, Fred posted a daily diary of events in the history of the 63rd
Infantry Division on the 75th anniversary of those events.

Connie Bates, the daughter of S/Sgt Wayne Scott, M Company, 254th Infantry Regiment,
made copies of Fred's diary from 6 November 1944 (departure from Camp Van Dorn)
through 12 April 1945 (death of President Roosevelt). She gave me her copies to post on
the website. So here is Fred's 75th anniversary diary:

Clinton Facebook Diary

You can also reach it from the Welcome page when you first enter the site.

The 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion was attached to the 63rd Infantry Division for its
attack on the Siegfried Line. I recently discovered a book about this battalion.
B Company, 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Combat was written by Jim Montgomery.
He was the radio operator in the command half-track of B Company. The 776th TD
Battalion followed a long road through combat in North Africa, Italy, France, Germany and
Austria from 1943 to 1945. In the preface, the author says "This narrative that I have put
together was not meant as a history of W.W.2, but as a personal running commentary of
one soldier, in one platoon, of one company of a tank destroyer battalion." It was written
as a diary and it reads like a diary: day-to-day impressions and experiences. For my
taste, this is better than a highly-polished bestseller. It is well-written and easily readable. I
enjoyed it and learned many things about real life in a TD battalion. You can buy a copy
of the book from the author's son, Tom Montgomery:

I have added some new photos to the website. They can be viewed at

Miscellaneous Photos Page 144

Pfc Norman K. Finney    Pfc Finney was in B Company, 363rd Medical Battalion. He was
assigned to Medical Detachment, 3rd Battalion, 255th Infantry Regiment. He entered
military service from Detroit, Michigan. He was awarded the Combat Medical Badge. He
was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for valor during action in the vicinity of Heidelberg,
Germany on 30 March 1945. His daughter, Marcia Engelhart, donated the new photos.

Pfc Joseph A. Desimone  Pfc Desimone was in Cannon Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment. On 27 April 1944 he was transferred from Camp Van Dorn to the Army Ground
Forces Replacement Center #1 at Fort George Meade MD. His daughter, Debra
DeSimone, donated the photo (note the 63rd patch on his sleeve). She also donated his
handwritten itinerary through France, Belgium and Germany. He arrived in Normandy,
France on 12 July 1944. From the itinerary, I think he wound up in the 9th Infantry
Division. His daughter also donated a page of his diary which describes a harrowing
journey home through stormy seas on the Victory ship

Pfc John G. Petkevis  Pfc Petkevis was in Service Battery, 862nd Field Artillery
Battalion. He was transferred to L Company, 254th Infantry Regiment. He was trained and
qualified as an Automatic Rifleman. On 27 April 1944 he was transferred to the Army
Ground Forces Replacement Center #1 at Fort George Meade MD. He later joined the
83rd Infantry Division which landed in Normandy, France on 19 June 1944. He was
Wounded in Action in July 1944. The photo was donated by Remy Mortelette of Belgium.

Pfc Daniel S. Ogden  Pfc Ogden was in D Company, 253rd Infantry Regiment. Tim
Malone sent me his Bronze Star Medal citation which Tim found on
The citation was not previously included on the 63rd website. This is because some of
the General Orders recommending the BSM are unavailable or illegible. The BSM citation
for Pfc Ogden can be viewed at

Bronze Star Medal GO Unknown