Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 11
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The next few photos were supplied by Ryan Barker, Grandson
of Edward Gill, Headquarters Battery 861st Field Artillery
Headquarters building 861st FA
Headquarters 861st FA Battalion
Edward Gill with buddies, 861st FA
Edward Gill, Hq Btry 861st FA(marked
with "X")  Others unknown
German Army Camp
German Army Camp
FA Firing exercise
Identified as #3 gun firing, Battery unknown
T/5 Bajanek- Motor NCO
T/5 Zygmunt Bejanek (from New York City) motor
mechanic, Hq Btry 861st FA Bn
Chow time on field exercise
Chow time during field exercise.  Just like old times at Camp
Van Dorn.  861st FA Bn- Germany
Relaxing in quarters
Relaxing in quarters. Pfc Charles Moddrell- Lyons, Kansas
on the left. Hq Btry 861st FA Bn
Entrance to Camp Herbert A Loree
Entrance to Camp Herbert A. Loree
Dining at the Ritz- 861st FA
Now this is more like it.  Dining at the Ritz. - 861st FA Bn.  
Edward Gill, Hq Btry on the left.
Hq Btry 861st FA Bn soldiers on a break
L:  Tomas Garcia (Texas) and R: Willard
Craven (Georgia) taking a ten minute
break. Hq Btry 861st FA
Speed at your own risk
You know that the war is over when you see "Speed Limit" signs
along the road. I think the penalty for speeding appears a little
Field Exercise
FA Battery in position- 861st FA Battery unknown
#1 Battery ready to fire
#1 Gun in ready position.  Battery unkown 861st
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Mullins and Padilla, I Co 254th Inf
"After the last few months we need a drink".  
Mullins and Padilla I Company 254th Inf Regt.  
Photo furnished by Maj Cotton, Son-in-law of
Jack Smith I/254th
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