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63d soldiers in Bad Mergentheim,Germany 1945
63d Infantry Division soldiers provide a gift to a small
German girl in Bad Mergentheim.   L-R:  Pfc John
Keane(Hq 1st Bn 255th Inf Regt) S/Sgt Lawrence
Giangregorio(Hq 63d Div) and Pfc Bernard Chafee (Hq &
AT 254th Inf Regt).
E/255th Inf Regt soldiers in Germany-1945
L-R Top row:  S/Sgt William B Warren, Pfc Robert
Vermillion, Pfc Williams, Pfc David D. Montgomery.
Bottom row:  T/Sgt John Kozak Jr and Sgt Green (E
Company, 255th Infantry Regiment in Germany 1945)
Lillibridge, Sv Co 255th Inf Regt,  German y 1945
Pfc Wilfred Jarvis Lillibridge, Service
Company, 255th Infantry Regiment entertains
local children- Germany 1945
Soldiers from Hq 63d Inf Div-Germany 1945
On a return trip from R&R in Dijon, France:  L-R:  
?????, Pvt John Lilalaole , Sgt Paul Smith,  ?????.
Germany 1945(Hq 63rd Inf Div)
Rios- B/25th Inf Regt- Germany 1945
T/4 Serverino Y. Rios (front reaching for canteen) with his
buddies after leaving B Company, 255th Infantry Regiment)
Nordin, formerly of 563d Sig Company now with 36th Inf Div
L-R:  WOJG James Nordin, formerly with the
563d Signal Company poses with his new
comrades in the 36th Signal Company of the
36th Infantry Division in Geislingen, Germany
1945.  Those to the right of WO Nordin are
identified as Hiram and Dicky
Nordin, 563d Sig Co Bad Mergentheim, Germany 1945
WOJG James Nordin, 563d Signal Company,
Bad Mergentheim, Germany 1945
563d Signal Company, Germany 1945
Officers of the 563d Signal Company, Bad Mergentheim, Germany, Sunday 20 May 1945.  
Top Row L-R:  Capt John Rickard Sr, WOJG William H. James, 1stLt Raymond H.
Crockford, 1st Lt Lawrence G. Patrick, Capt James W. Wade and CWO Harold T.
Hutcheson.  Front Row. L-R:  Capt Carols E. Benoit, 1st Lt Rex L. Dunfee, 1st Lt Howard G.
Jackson, WOJG James T. Nordin and CWO Kermit R. Monk.
M Company 254th Inf Regt, Germany 1945
L-R:  S/Sgt Oliver L.F. Dixon, Sgt Wayne L. Scott,
S/Sgt Richard C Johnson and ?????.   M Company
254th Infantry Regiment, Germany 1945
Sgt Scott and friend- Germany 1945
On the left:  Sgt Wayne L. Scott, M Company 254th
Infantry Regiment.  On the right soldier is identified as
Sidney Reisbronn, however he is not listed as a 63d
member.  Photo probably taken after Sgt Wayne left
the division
Sgt Scott and friend, France 1945
Left:  Sgt Wayne L. Scott M Company 254th
Infantry Regiment.  Right:  Identified as Lt Noel
At port in France .
Pfc Frank A. Kogut, D Company 255th
Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945
Pfc Frank A. Kogut with a couple of the local
children.  D Company 255th Infantry
Regiment- Germany 1945
Pfc Frank A. Kogut, D Company 255th
Infantry Regiment after a successful hunt.  The
other soldier is not identified- Germany-1945
Pfc Frank A. Kogut(Center). D Company 255th Infantry
Regiment- Germany 1945.  Others not identified
D Company, 255th Infantry soldiers
in Germany 1945.  Not identified
D Company, 255th Infantry Regiment soldiers in Germany
1945.Not identified