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Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 65
Far right:  Pfc Frank M. Mahoney, F Company 255th
Infantry Regiment- Germany 1945.  Others not identified
On the left:  Pfc Frank M. Mahoney, F Company 255th
Infantry Regiment, Germany 1945.  The other soldier
is not identified.
On the right:  Pfc Frank M. Mahoney, F Company 255th Infantry Regiment- 1945.  Other
soldier not identified
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May 2012
L-R:  Sgt Lester M. Hayes and S/Sgt Donald
Katzensky, L Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment, German 1945
Sgt Lester M. Hayes, L Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment, Germany 1945
Members of L Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment, Germany 1945.  Not identified
S/Sgt George C. English, B Battery, 718th FA
Bn in Germany, 1945.
Sgt George C. English, B Battery 718th FA Battalion
just prior to his promotion to S/Sgt-  Germany 1945
L-R:  T/5 Bernard P. Lucas, Hq Div Arty and
T/5 David W. Foster, Hq 718th FA Bn after
they had been transferred to the 84th Infantry
Division and promoted to T/3.
On the left is Sgt James E. Buckner , Headquarters 1st Battalion, 253d Infantry Regiment in
Germany 1945.  Others in the photo are not identified
The following photos were sent in my Mrs Janet Malouin, daughter of T/5 William J. Schultz, Hq Btry
63d Div Artillery.  Mrs Malouin found the photos in the National Archives while searching for
information about her father's military service.
63d Infantry Division soldiers sitting on a bridge at Bad Mergentheim, Germany and talking with
a former Russian Soldier and his wife who had been held as prisoners of the Germans.  L-R:  
Pfc John H. Carter, Albany NY , T/5 Al Kaplan, Chicago, IL, Pfc Fred E. Halverson, Revere,MN
and Pfc Andrew B. Halbert, Belmont NY.  Carter, Halverson and Halbert were assigned to B
Company 363d Medical Battalion.  18 Jun 1945
63d Infantry Division soldiers pay honor to their comrades that died in action at ceremonies
recognizing activation of the Blood and Fire Division.  15 Jun 1945- Germany
Last of the photos sent in by Mrs Malouin
T/4 Preston L. Fisher, 63d Reconnaissance Troop and a friend named
"Chubby" at the Georges-Henri Club in Brussels, Belgium May 1945
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