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Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 69
The following photographs pertain to Pfc Floyd Exeter a former member of K Company, 253d
Infantry Regiment after he was evacuated from his unit for frozen feet in January 1945.
L-R:  John Arnold and Pfc Floyd Exeter K/253d Inf Regt.  In the front is an Austrian Orphan by
name of Gerhart Kilotat.  Paris France 1945
Pfc Floyd Exeter, K Company 253d Infantry Regiment shaking hands with Sad Sack, France
L-R:  Pfc Floyd Exeter, K Company 253d Infantry Regiment, Martin Schultz, Tyson and Dewey
Coffey at the Fountainbleau, France 1945.  Units for Schultz, Tyson and Coffey not known.
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9 Nov 2013
On the left is S/Sgt Willis Tompkins formerly of C Battery                  S/Sgt Willis Tompkins formerly of C Battery, 861st FA Bn
861st FA Bn.  Shown here in Belgium. 1945.                                               Location and date unknown
The following photographs were in a collection purchased by Tim Malone from e-Bay and were identified as being from the 254th Infantry
Regiment.  None of the individuals in the photos were identified.  From the uniforms and backgrounds I am making the assumption that
these photos were made during the occupation period of the 254th Infantry Regiment- May-Aug 1945